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Update on 2016-2017 season

Hi guys,

Thanks for tuning in. I've got a big announcement to make: this season the will be no weekly updates of Euroleague games.

The main reason - EL made a massive change to its website making it very difucult to extract the data needed to calculate the stats on this site.

I tried to ask EL guys responsible for the stats to allow easier access to the data, so far got no answer.

Maybe if enough people will ask EL to share its data with the fans, they will allow it, who knows ...

Please contact EL ( via email: and social media ) and ask to allow easy access to the stats database.

Together we are stronger.
2016-10-15 17:28:44

Updated: Final Four 2016 games

Final Four 2016 games are finally updated.

2016-05-28 06:05:23

Update on Final Four 2016 games

Due to format change of play-by-play on EL site, it will take some extra time to update Final Four games. Stay tuned.

2016-05-16 19:45:23

New feature : Teams | Average Height

Just as age, height is calculated in three ways :

  • Average height of clubs roster players
  • Average height adjusted to minutes played
  • Average height adjusted to points scored

Serbian clubs ( Partizan, Crvena Zvezda ) top the list with Budevelnik, Fenerbahce following suit

Supposedly the best EL club right now - Real Madrid is strikingly short ( 4th from the bottom among 24 EL clubs ). Another proof of "size doesn't matter"?

2013-12-12 16:02:38

New feature: Teams | Average Age

Age distribution of Euroleague's clubs

  • Average age of clubs roster players
  • Average age adjusted to minutes played
  • Average age adjusted to points scored

Age is calculated with days precision, meaning a player whose 20th birthday was a half year ago will get an age of 20.5 years. 19 years old player that will celebrate his 20th birthday tomorrow is assumed to have an age of 19.9973 .

Minutes/points adjusted values could be checked for any period , be it some particular month or a week

Unsurprisingly this season the youngest roster belongs to Partizan, Fenerbache being the second youngest. The oldest roster in all three categories belongs to Panathinaikos.

2013-12-04 12:48:01

New feature: Games | Starters / Bench

Separate statistics for starters/ bench players for each game.

From now on it's a part of every regular boxscore (just above "Team Statistics" entry) as well a separate boxscore option.

2013-11-14 07:52:31

Happy new season

Happy new Euroleague 2013-2014 season for everybody

2013-10-18 12:45:01

New features: Club Ranking , Country Ranking

Club Ranking is calculated according to Euroleague Bylaws:

  • The Club Ranking consists of the sum of the club coefficients from the last three years in top tier European competitions (Euroleague, Eurocup)
  • Each club gets two points for a win and one point for a tie or loss from the Regular Season onwards.
  • Two bonus points are allocated for reaching the Top 16 and the Top 8 ( Playoffs, Quarterfinals)
  • One bonus point is given for reaching Top 4, and the Final

The Country Ranking is calculated in similiar manner by calculating the sum of the club coefficients from the same country ( or league, as for Adriatic League clubs ).

2013-03-12 11:56:09

New feature: Teams | Attendance

Three year cycle Euroleague attendance numbers.

In addtion to the usual home arena attendance , road games' numbers and total atendance per season are shown as well.

There are options to compare the changes in attendance numbers for various competition's phases ( Regular Season, Top 16, Playoffs ) or different months ( October, November, December ) through the last three seasons.

This year Regular Season champion of attracting home crowd is Zalgiris with massive 14185 fans per game. CSKA jumped from 4000 something for the last 2 seasons to respectable 7148, thanks to switching to new arena. Olympiacos almost doubled its last season Regulas Season's numbers to 6600. Could it be that winning trophies actually brings fans back ?

Milano entered the club of the teams that bring twice more fans for its on-the-road games (8863) then when they play at home (3540). The surprising part of it is that it happens for the third season in a row. Such consistency should be a sign of something.

Caja Laboral improved its attendace figures to a top tier level of 11500, joining Zalgiris and Fener as top 3 fans attraction this Regular Season.

2012-12-30 09:31:59

New features: Teams | Performance For , Teams | Performance Against

New features Teams | Performance For, Teams | Performance Against provide quick answers to simple questions:

2012-12-06 06:54:26

New feature: Teams | Opponents Accumulated Statistics

Opponents Accumulated Statistics provides a quick glance at teams' defensive efficiency.

Hardly surprising that three out of the top four best perimeter defense teams: Barcelona, CSKA, Zalgiris, Real Madrid top their groups.

On the other hand , it's rather surprising to see Fenerbahce struggling to disrupt assists of its rivals. The same goes for CSKA topping the list of opponents' steals.

2012-11-25 05:36:45

Hello World

New basketball season is about to begin: a perfect time to launch a brand new project. Here it is: online system that allows to organize a basketball league for anyone interested.

It provides the means to organize your own league in a full sense: name teams, register players, check players/ teams stats, to follow after games play-by-plays online. Basically anything that you expect from a respectful basketball league. Register , enter players/ teams data and start to record games actions with play-by-plays recording web app.

Play-by-play recording app is flexible enough to allow a division of play-by-play recording duties between several people. For example: one man could be charged with duties of stopping/starting game/shot clock and two another be responsible for recording actions of each of the playing teams. Each one of them will see the changes made by others and be in position to change it back

The system is accessible from any device with a web browser: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. So next time you go playing ball with your buddies, make sure to take a smartphone with you.

Technical specs, for those who bothered to read so far :p

  • Any device (PC/Mac/iPads/iPhones/Android ) with a browser supporting HTML5 . Basically, any modern browser other then MS Internet Explorer should work.
  • For older Android devices ( 2.2, 2.3) I would recommend installing latest Firefox or Opera.
  • The system is multi user, so any change you make immediately appears on the screen of other users
  • Games play by plays and boxscores are available in real time to anyone: no registration is needed
  • Internet connection is required to for normal operation
Register and start to play

2012-09-09 07:15:29

It's not over when you're losing terribly... its over when you quit.